Earn Crypto with NFT’s while playing games

Nftgamingstars is a Binance Smart Chain NFT platform where you may play to earn in the gaming metaverse! We're integrating blockchain and NFT technologies to better the collective experiences of customers. Our platform is founded on blockchain technology, which assures the validity, traceability, and immutability of digital assets. It also features a dynamic user interface and a customizable API to assist with transactions. NFT holders are earning passive GS1 until NFTs interact with our metaverse. Through Our Play To Earn Game You can Earn Up to 20 USDT Per Day.

Earn Crypto with NFT’s while playing games

NFT Gaming Stars partners

Meet the NFT Gaming Stars partners working with the project to greater heights


Our project is decentralized and allows the user to trade directly using their crypto wallet. They can swap crypto assets for GS1, BNB etc and vice versa. NFT Gaming Stars aims to secure users' trust through decentralization while enabling them to enjoy games, art and the metaverse

Make Payments

Buy and Sell GS1 on Pancakeswap and leading DeFi Swaps on the Binance Smart Chain network.


The NFT Gaming Stars Project is completly decentralized and based on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

Gaming Stars NFT's

Mint Gaming Stars NFT's on our minitng page to participate directly in the project. Trade the NFT's on leading NFT Platforms.


Meet Creative team

Meet the team behind NFT Gaming Stars

Dzevad Kurtanovic

Dzevad Kurtanovic

Co Founder & COO

Skender Boci

Skender Boci

Founder & CEO

Working with 30 Plus Team Members!

Frequently Asked Questions

10 million GS1 burns monthly till the end 2022
You can use our staking engine of our website https://nftgamingstars.com/pools You can earn upto 60 percent apy but you can check live apy rate there.
You can visit our NFT minting Section. https://nftgamingstars.com/mint If your wallet having enough gs1 , You need to approve the transaction and Mint button will appear and You can easily mint the NFT.