Hunt Crypto Anywhere Worldwide for free

The GS1 token by Gaming Stars Company is a Multi-utility web3 token designed for our AI/AR "walk-to-earn" crypto app, NFTs, staking, and payments within the entire NFT Gaming Stars Ecosystem. Our app is for everyone who wants to be able to hunt and earn 100% free cryptocurrencies. It is also designed to motivate even the laziest individuals to stand up and walk around for the health benefits of walking. This app enables everyone to hunt various cryptocurrencies worldwide while walking.

Hunt Crypto Anywhere Worldwide for free

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Audit & KYC

Contract Address

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Liquidity is locked🔒for 10 years (Until 2033),
Dev is fully doxxed, KYC and AUDIT are successfully done by SolidProof.



Our project is decentralized and allows the user to trade directly using their crypto wallet. They can swap crypto assets for GS1, BNB etc and vice versa. NFT Gaming Stars aims to secure users' trust through decentralization while enabling them to enjoy games, art and the metaverse


Make Payments

Buy and Sell GS1 on Pancakeswap and leading DeFi Swaps on the Binance Smart Chain network.


The NFT Gaming Stars Project is completly decentralized and based on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

Gaming Stars NFT's

Mint Gaming Stars NFT's on our minitng page to participate directly in the project. Trade the NFT's on leading NFT Platforms.


Meet Creative team

Meet the team behind NFT Gaming Stars

Dzevad Kurtanovic

Dzevad Kurtanovic

Co Founder & COO

Skender Boci

Skender Boci

Founder & CEO

Aleksandar Vujic

Aleksandar Vujic

Head of Marketing & Social Media

Mughira Ahmad

Mughira Ahmad


Working with 30 Plus Team Members!


We are rewarding gaming communities that join us on Telegram and other social media platforms.

GS1 Arenas unite superstars like Adem Ljajić and many others who play for Inter Milan and other Italian and Turkish leagues, supporting Gaming Stars Company. We welcome you to visit our arenas in Germany, Montenegro, or Serbia

Frequently Asked Questions

The total fixed supply of GS1 is 250 Million.